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The following points can be made about welded bellows in comparison to other same size bellows.

1.As there can be a great deal of displacement (refer to figures on the right: axial displacement, anglar displacement, lateral displacement, and combinations of these), if the conditions of use are the same, an increase fatigue limit can be expected.

2.As the spring becomes flexible, the improvement in responsiveness to pressure and external force, and the external force that is necessary at the time of displacement can be small. Welded bellows are effective in absorbing external force such as vibration by displacement.

3.The surface area of the ripple-shaped plate is large and the number of plates can be large, which works as a strong heat radiation effect.
When welded bellows are used, the following points must be heeded.

1.The bellows have a natural frequency. So when there are vibrations in a unit, if the number of vibrations is the same as that of the natural frequency of the bellows, a resonance phenomenon will take place, and excessive displacement may occur in some parts.

2.As the welded bellows are manufactured by piling up diaphragms alternately, there is a slight opening at the welded part. When the bellows are expanded, the opening will widen. Then the opening becomes easier for substances to enter, sometimes gas or liquid, and sometimes viscous substances or powder for obstacle and may cause the welded bellows to become misshapen or even damaged.

3.If foreign object enters the inside and remains there, it will contaminate the substances used, and vacuum exhaust may not go smoothly.

4.At the time of displacement, the part adjoining the welded part becomes the stress fulcrum. Because of this the stress against the direction of lengthening tends to intensify, and may result in a shortened fatigue limit.


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