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Magnetron Sputter Sources are constructed for R&D and production use.  Our engineers are familiar with common problems found in many sputter sources. We make every effort to ensure that stainless steel is used in all critical areas, such as tapped holes and o-ring seal locations.  Cooling plates are fabricated from oxygen free copper and feature turbulent flow patterns to ensure maximum heat transfer from hot target surfaces.  Insulators are made from high temperature plastic to inhibit melting and deformation.  We will design and build a sputter source that will meet your quality and performance needs.

The magnetron sputter source can be used to sputter both magnetic and non-magnetic targets, and can be operated with either DC or RF power supply. If you have any questions about this product, please feel free to contact us.

Magnet Design

Depending upon the application, we will choose magnetic materials that suit a particular process requirement.  Magnet choices are influenced by: target material type, thickness, process operating parameters, and physical size limitations.  Our magnetron designs feature magnet assemblies outside the cooling water environment (to prevent corrosion) and permanently potted magnets to ensure proper orientation and placement.  All Wesson magnet designs are computer simulated before construction to ensure magnetic field strengths, erosion patterns, and ionization rate will meet the requirements.

Quality & Qualification

All components must pass rigid quality specifications at multiple points during production. After approval, components are cleaned and assembled. All sealing components are leak checked, and magnetic strengths are verified. Laboratory testing and burn-in certification is available to verify design parameters (for designs up to 30" long). Uniformity and rate can be demonstrated before delivery. Individual testing requirements are often developed for unique processes, to ensure complete satisfaction.